Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Project 1 - Fishman Bully/Brute

I have started a project for my first creature model and animation rig sincein 12 years. I decided to quickly decide on a motif so that I can begin character design so that I can get to modeling and rigging by the weekend.

I decided to work on a Brute/Bully character first. I thought that would be fun to work with a heavy character. Another issue I am dealing with is that I am much better at superhero comic style drawing than cartoons. I would prefer to do a more simplified model since that will make the modeling portion go more quickly. My goal is to get a decent model done and build a good rig.

Some characteristics of brutes and bullies are:
High shoulders, no neck, big arms, little legs (cartoony), tiny feet (cartoony), a small muzzle, and a large head

Some of my inspiration for the character will come from sea creatures since I am a salt water hobbyist. I chose to take some characteristics from these fish : Also from some comic-book characters like : Merman (he-man), Kingpin, Hulk, and the Blob. I am still struggling with whether or not to make the character fat or ripped.

Here are some initial sketches: (Keep in mind I have not drawn in years either. I am sure the skills will come back after a month or so. Hands and feet ... ugh. These were taken with a webcam. I was kinda lazy on getting the lighting right.

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